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I can now help you market your Amazon.com listed children’s and YA print and e-Book editions for a very reasonable monthly fee.

Each page (pick your genre) can highlight direct Amazon links to your book(s). Except for a minimal Amazon affiliate commission, we do not receive any money for books that are ordered. That money is paid into your Amazon account.

The cost to advertise is only $10 per book per month. Your book(s) will remain online in the Kiddies Book Store for the entire month and may be renewed for as many months as desired. If your order is received after the first 10 days of the month, the fee will be $5 per book for that first month.

First come-first served is our rule for best placement on the website. Select your genre and your book will be listed. However, Amazon insists that there must be a minimum of four items per grid line. I intend to promote the site via search engine optimization on Google and Bing, as well as news releases to various media. In the near future, I will have similar websites for your adult print book in print,e- Book and audiobook formats.

The following information is required: Your name, physical address, telephone number, e-mail address, exact book title on Amazon, ISBN and/or ASIN ID, the category you desire for your promotion and the number of months that you would like to advertise. Only checks are accepted for payment. Please send all information via U.S. Post to Don Canaan, 611 Saint Andrews Blvd, Lady Lake, FL 32159.

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